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We are building a company and a workforce for the future, based on passion, skills, experience and opportunity.

From our vantage point in the middle of the engineering supply chain, our purpose is to simplify the complex and bring sophisticated new electronic systems to life. Our commitment to innovation shapes the way the world operates, driving business, expanding industry, and keeping daily life running smoothly across the globe.


We believe it’s important to connect with the communities in which we operate, enhancing the quality of life for local people and employees.

We actively support programmes designed to build expertise in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and encourage girls and women to enter fields of engineering. Targeted funding is available for educational programs that help introduce young people to careers in science and technology, as well as locally chosen charities through events, donations, and matched fundraising initiatives.

Giving back goes beyond financial support - and TT Electronics' programmes such as hours for giving are designed to inspire and empower employees to do more in service of our neighbours.


The TT Way is our aspired culture, a foundation that guides the way we behave. We believe in doing the right thing, championing expertise, and achieving more together – all principles that help establish an environment for our people to perform at their best.

The TT Way of Management is central to building this culture, considering great ‘people management’ critical to our shared success and unlocking the potential of every employee.

The TT Way

"The TT Way" is our aspired culture that helps us achieve our strategic plans consistently. This framework describes TT Electronics at its best, and it is about ensuring we have embedded the right behaviours whilst driving performance and improvement. 

  • We do the right thing 
  • We bring out the best in each other 
  • We achieve more together 
  • We champion expertise 
  • We get the job done... well! 




TT Electronics has a bright future, offering innovation and unique opportunities in a global engineering landscape dominated by the need for sophisticated electronics. Answering customer demand, TT Electronics is developing an even greater number of value-added solutions, such as custom assemblies and products.

Our core values will continue to keep us focused on investing in people - nurturing electronics engineering expertise, customer relationships and operational excellence.


As a global organisation, making a sustainable and positive impact on the communities in which we operate is a commitment we take seriously. Employees are encouraged and supported in their community service and charitable giving, with efforts ranging from disaster relief to educational initiatives.

In 2017 alone, more than £50,000 was raised to support charities globally in addition to hundreds of hours of support provided to those most in need in our communities.

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