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On 29 May, 2019, Richard Tyson signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of TT in the UK.  


The Covenant is a pledge by the company to support our armed forces community – which includes veterans, active reservists and their families by:

  • promoting the fact that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation
  • supporting the employment of veterans and service leavers
  • offering flexibility in leave for service spouses and partners
  • supporting reservist employees, allowing leave for training and deployment.

I’m delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative.” said Richard. “We all owe our thanks to the armed forces for all they do for us and we’re proud to be playing our part to help their transition back into work. We recognise the value this pool of skilled talent offers and how it can help support the needs of our growing business.

Lt Col Nathan Teale thanked TT adding: “There is growing support for the Covenant. This support genuinely matters and is championed by great ambassadors and employers who help seize the opportunity as our Service personnel transition from Service into the local labour market. They also support our Reservists by allowing them to attend annual training across the globe, which has direct benefit to their employer. Lastly but by no means least our cadets are also supported, where the vast number do not follow a Forces career pathway, by seeking apprenticeship opportunities. 

Many of you will already employ or work alongside Veterans or Reservists or a past cadet. Thank you for your support today.”

We have many examples of our teams in various locations raising funds and supporting serving armed forces and veterans in their local communities and we intend to do more. The Covenant provides an outline of the commitments we are making in the UK but will be extended across TT.

We are currently planning a range of activities to involve employees and will be promoting them around Armed Forces Day at the end of June. If you have suggestions of activities or would like to volunteer to help our armed forces community, please register your interest.


We are planning a range of activities to involve employees. If you have suggestions or wish to volunteer to help our armed forces community, please register your interest.  

Yes!  I want to join TT's 'Proud to Serve' Volunteer programme. 

Craig Lucas- Stores Team Leader, Abercynon

"I first approached TT about signing the Covenant about two years ago. I was in the army for five years in the Royal Regiment of Wales and served in Cyprus, Germany and Northern Ireland. When I left I was lucky to have a girlfriend and family to support me. I managed to get a job more or less straight away - but not everyone does.

Seven years ago I started a charity to support armed forces personnel and veterans who needed help. I came across the Covenant myself and used it as my ‘bible’ on what to do.

I think it’s fantastic that TT has signed the Armed Forces Covenant . It’s really important we look after our troops, help them get jobs, point them in the right direction and support them to get on in life."


The Royal Regiment of Wales

Mathew Green - Value Stream Manager, Barnstaple

"I joined the Army as a school leaver at 16 and after training I left England to join my infantry regiment and served in Northern Ireland on a two-year peace keeping operational tour and later in Iraq as a surveillance team commander.

On leaving the forces I started my career in manufacturing and I’ve worked mainly in Aerospace and Defence. Since joining TT Electronics (5 months ago) I feel I’ve gained a responsibility and pride to give back to those who are still serving as I can see the direct link between the products we manufacture and how they support our troops.

We manufacture a component that goes into a power distribution system that powers the Apache helicopter. The Apache was a huge support and sometimes a lifeline for me and fellow troops when we were in Iraq. Understanding the impact of our timely supply, quality and response to our customers gives me that sense of pride and giving back to our armed forces.

To know TT is acting to support ex and current servicemen and women is something that really matters to me personally and professionally and reinforces why TT is a great team to be a part of."

Emma Bass - Process Engineer, Bedlington

"I was in the Royal Navy for 16 years. I specialised in engineering so when I left the forces around five years ago I had skills that I could transfer to the business world.

Having transferrable skills is important – and people need to understand how some of the skills you gain in the forces such as teamwork and leadership can be readily transferred into a very different environment – and make you desirable as an employee. I can definitely see opportunities here for ex forces personnel to join in engineering roles and how the company can support them in the transition. I think it’s great that TT has signed up to this Covenant."

Craig Mann - Supply Chain Analyst, Lutterworth

"I currently hold a reserve commission – I’m a Captain in the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association – working as an area training officer.

I indirectly manage around 280 cadets aged 13 to 18 and oversee a team of adult volunteers that deliver the training by ensuring safe systems of training are in place, I spend around 8-16 hours a week in the role. I joined the reserve forces in March 2009 as a volunteer in a local detachment but decided to take more hands on management role so trained to become a commissioned officer.

As an ex cadet myself I know first-hand what the organisation can do for young people, it kept me on the straight and narrow whilst growing up and gave me the soft skills required to help me start my career. I had an interest in joining regular armed forces at 16 with the Royal Signals but due to a rugby injury I was unable to join.

As a reservist I continue to attend courses for my own development and coach junior officers to further build their soft skills.

I joined TT last November on a 3-month contract to cover for a supply chain analyst and was offered a permanent position this May.

I’m grateful that TT is looking to support ex service personnel and current serving reservists. Ex Servicemen who’ve been in any senior role within the forces have lots of transferrable skills in leadership and management and deserve the opportunities a company like TT can offer them."

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